Trailer For Amy Berg's Child Sex-Abuse Doc Promotes "Film Hollywood Doesn't Want You To See"

Courtesy of Doc NYC
'An Open Secret'

Premiering at a documentary film festival in New York last fall, 'An Open Secret' features former child actors and Bryan Singer accuser Michael Egan.

The first trailer for Amy Berg's child sex-abuse doc An Open Secret has debuted online just a week after the controversial film finally secured distribution.

An Open Secret premiered at the DOC NYC film festival in November, where Berg said it was "not very likely" that it would ever secure a distributor given its subject matter. But Vesuvio Entertainment and Rocky Mountain Pictures are releasing the doc in 20 U.S. cities starting June 5, beginning in Denver and Seattle. The film will also screen for international buyers at the Cannes Film Festival.

The documentary takes a broad look at the sexual abuse of young men in the entertainment industry but made headlines for including interviews with Bryan Singer accuser Michael Egan.

The film barely mentions Singer, whom Egan sued for allegedly sexually assaulting him, or even the subsequent lawsuits Egan filed against other Hollywood execs, all of which were dismissed — something the film only notes via onscreen text at the end, along with updates about other alleged abusers the film exposes. But Egan figures prominently in the documentary as one of the several former aspiring actors who detail in interviews how they were allegedly abused by Hollywood insiders and the damaging effect those experiences had on them.

At the DOC NYC screening, Berg said that the film "isn't about the case" and that Egan participated in the film because he wanted to help his friend Mark Ryan, whose tragic story is one of the most compelling parts of the documentary.

In the past, Berg and others affiliated with the film have said that the movie is about more than Egan.

Egan is not included in the trailer, which features young actors from the film talking about the allure of Hollywood and recalling their experiences with sexual abuse. The trailer also features quotes from reviewers who saw the film in New York and characterizes the documentary as "The Film Hollywood Doesn't Want You to See."

In addition, there are clips of the infamous Digital Entertainment Network parties run by co-founders Mark Collins-Rector and Chad Shackley, where sex and drug abuse allegedly occured. And viewers see a bit of subject Evan Henzi taping an industry figure talking about sex abuse. The rest of the trailer features particularly short clips of interviews about industry figures preying on young victims.

A voiceover at the end of the trailer says, "We're absolutely talking about the tip of an iceberg."

Watch the full trailer below.