'Trailer Park Boys' Star Lucy DeCoutere Accuses Jian Ghomeshi of Assault

Jian Ghomeshi - P 2014
Photo by Arthur Mola/Invision for Producers Ball/AP Images

More women have come forward with allegations of violence as Ghomeshi responds: "I intend to meet these allegations directly"

Canadian actress Lucy DeCoutere, best known for her role as Lucy in the cult TV mockumentary Trailer Park Boys, has come forward to allege she was choked and slapped by fired CBC/PRI radio host Jian Ghomeshi.

Amid the latest revelations, Ghomeshi on Thursday morning issued a short statement on his Facebook page: "I want to thank you for your support and assure you that I intend to meet these allegations directly. I don’t intend to discuss this matter any further with the media."

DeCoutere appeared on the CBC radio show The Current on Thursday morning to recount meeting Ghomeshi first at the Banff World Media Festival and then later on a date in Toronto. She recalled returning to Ghomeshi's home and alleged the former radio host without warning went from "smooching to smacking."

"... He did take me by the throat and press me against the wall and choke me, and he did slap me across the face a couple times. That took me by surprise because that's something I'd never have happen to me before," DeCoutere alleged in the radio interview.

Mike Smith, who plays Bubbles on Trailer Park Boys, on his Twitter account supported DeCoutere as she publicly accused Ghomeshi. "I am incredibly proud of my friend @lucydecoutere for having the courage to come forward against @jianghomeshi Way to go Luce! #IBelieveLucy," he tweeted.

The Toronto Star newspaper late on Wednesday first reported that DeCoutere and another seven unnamed women they interviewed allege unwanted and unwarned violence, including beatings and chokings, while with Ghomeshi.

The CBC on Sunday fired the popular Canadian radio host after the pubcaster received unspecified "information" about his private life. Ghomeshi's version of events includes a Facebook posting that defends his personal life by confessing a taste for "rough sex" role-playing with consenting partners.

His law firm, Dentons Canada LLP, has filed a $55 million lawsuit against the CBC on his behalf. Another CBC radio show, As It Happens, on Wednesday night featured another anonymous accuser who alleged she received an unwanted beating while on a date and in the home of the former radio host.

"We were flirty, but in that flirting he grabbed my hair again, but even harder and threw me in front of him on the ground and started closed-fist pounding me in the head. Repeatedly. Until my ears were ringing,” she alleged. “And I started to cry. I wasn’t expecting it."