Trailer Park gets MySpace address


MySpace has launched a video community dedicated to debuting theatrical movie trailers online, the social networking site is set to announce today.

Dubbed MySpace Trailer Park, the new community will premiere movie-trailer content three to six months before a film's theatrical release and a few months before a movie's MySpace profile launch.

It launched with the exclusive trailer premiere of the Lionsgate's comedy "Good Luck Chuck," slated for theatrical release Aug. 24.

"The demand on MySpace for premium video content is off the charts, and we expect Trailer Park to speak to users who want to discover and virally share these exclusives," MySpace CEO Chris DeWolfe said.

While Trailer Park also features film trailers that recently debuted on MySpace, the community plans to premiere film trailers from all of the major studios.

"When you look at the success of movies like '300' and 'Step Up,' the exit polls show the enormous marketing campaign within MySpace," said Jeff Berman, GM for video at MySpace. "So the power given to the studios from this is obvious."

The new MySpace community joins others on the site, including those centering on fashion, comic books, DJs and hip-hop.

This latest launch follows the recently announced partnership with Michael Eisner's Vuguru production company that resulted in the scripted mystery series "Prom Queen" airing first on MySpace.