Trailer for 'SNL' Doc 'Live From New York!': From "Weird Idea" to "America Right Now"

Mary Ellen Matthews

A new preview for the opening night film at this year's Tribeca Film Festival features interviews with Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Chris Rock and more big names from the sketch comedy show's 40-year history.

The 40-year history of SNL, recently celebrated with a star-studded live show in New York, is also the subject of the Tribeca Film Festival's opening night movie, Live From New York.

The trailer for the documentary, which also opens in select theaters on June 12, features clips of famous sketches, recurring characters and political impressions. Intercut with those are interviews with big names affiliated with the show talking about its early days and impact.

The trailer begins with video of an empty Studio 8H and voiceovers explaining how "Lorne Michaels was this strange Canadian, [who'd] come into town with this weird idea" and that the show was described as "a cross between 60 Minutes and Monty Python."

Frequent host Alec Baldwin is heard saying the show "has lasted through the ups and downs of America and the world."

Later a brief bit of an interview with Tina Fey airs in which she sheds some insight into how the show takes on current events.

"As writers, you sit around and go, 'What's true about this story that no one's saying?' " she says.

The trailer includes clips of memorable recent political impressions: Fey as Sarah Palin, Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton, Will Ferrell as George W. Bush and Darrell Hammond as Al Gore.

Amid this archival footage, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani is seen saying, "Does it create a stereotype that you've got to work to overcome? You're darn right it does."

SNL alum Chris Rock later adds, over images of the Monica Lewinsky scandal, "People like when something goes down. [They wonder], 'What are they going to do on SNL?' "

The doc was directed by Bao Nguyen and produced by J.L. Pomeroy, Tom Broecker, Kimmie H. Kim, Sarah Cowperthwaite and Owen Moogan.

Watch the trailer below.