'Trainwreck' Trailer: Amy Schumer Dates LeBron James' Doctor (Video)

Trainwreck Screengrab - H 2015

Trainwreck Screengrab - H 2015

Bill Hader co-stars in Judd Apatow's latest movie, set to hit theaters on July 17.

The first trailer for Judd Apatow's latest movie, Trainwreck, written by star Amy Schumer, has debuted online.

Schumer plays Amy, a men's magazine writer who seems to have taken her dad's advice, "Monogamy isn't realistic," to heart, sleeping with a parade of different men.

"I'm just a modern chick who does what she wants," Amy says in the voiceover. "Last week, it was this guy," with the video cutting to her date with John Cena's character.

She's ultimately assigned to do a profile on a sports doctor, played by Bill Hader, who counts LeBron James among his patients. But it seems Amy isn't quite up on her NBA stars, observing of James after he interrupts their meeting, "Tall."

"Do you follow sports?" Hader's character, Aaron, asks.

"I love them," she replies.

Aaron: "Who's your favorite team?"

Amy: "The Orlando … Blooms."

But after she and Aaron go on a date, it seems he could be more than her latest one-night stand.

James, who plays himself, also seems very concerned about not being up on the latest Downton Abbey developments before practice.

"I'm watching it tonight because I'm not going to go to practice and all the guys are talking about it and I'm left out," he says in the trailer.

James' appearance, which he filmed in New York over the summer, and which he tells The Hollywood Reporter he was "very nervous" about, could be seen as a test for future onscreen projects, THR reported in this week's cover story.

"We tested the movie, and he gets laughter as big as anyone," Apatow tells THR. "The only fear you ever have with people of his stature is whether or not they're game to have fun and take chances. They'll say: 'I don't want to say that. That will sound weird. That's not good for my reputation.' LeBron is a very strong actor, and he has a fantastic sense of humor. We do a lot of improvisation, and he was really good at it. As a result, it's a really fun, wild, slightly strange performance that really scores."

Universal's Trainwreck, which co-stars SNL's Vanessa Bayer and SNL alum Colin Quinn as well as Brie Larson, is set to hit theaters on July 17.

Watch the full trailer in the tweet below.