Trans Actress Candis Cayne Recalls Awkward 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Audition

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Candis Cayne

Work for transgender actors is getting easier these days, but trans actress Cayne recalls an uncomfortable 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' audition that shows a time not so long ago when things weren't as easy in Hollywood.

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Transgender acceptance is riding a wave these days, but trans actress Candis Cayne (who appears with Caitlyn Jenner on E!'s I Am Cait) remembers when life in Hollywood wasn't so easy.

"I went on an audition for Curb Your Enthusiasm and Larry David was there," Cayne tells THR. "The part was for a trans woman who had to go to the bathroom really bad and decided she was going to go in the men's line because it was quicker. I said, 'Thank you for writing a trans part, but I can't audition because a trans woman wouldn't do this. I have to honor my community,' and I walked out of the audition," exiting with, " 'But I love the show!' " 

The experience proved to be a tough one for Cayne, who admits that "you're always fighting this because you want to work, but you also want to be honest." And she's not the only one.

Cayne reveals that fellow trans actress Alexandra Billings was in the waiting area when she walked out of the audition and she later found out from Billings that she, too, had the same reaction to the part. "I said, 'Right on, sister!' "

A representative for HBO says the part never appeared on Curb.