'Transformers 3' sets release date

Second sequel will bow July 1, 2011

The battle for moviegoers of the future rages on.

Just days after Marvel and studio partners including Paramount tweaked plans for release dates on comic book actioners into 2012, Par has scheduled its second "Transformers" sequel to unspool over 2011's Independence Day holiday frame. No other release is set for that weekend.

On Monday, Par slotted its DreamWorks-produced "Transformers 3" for a midweek bow on July 1, 2011. That will give the next installment in the Steven Spielberg-produced franchise a midweek bow in advance of that year's firecracker of a holiday boxoffice session.

A first sequel -- "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" -- is set for wide release on June 24 and already represents this summer's most-anticipated studio tentpole.
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