'Transformers' Falling Skyscraper Scene: How’d They Do It?


Tyrese Gibson says sliding down the building, stars “felt 12 again.”

In perhaps the most ambitious sequence from Transformers: Dark of the Moon, a worm-like robot cuts a skyscraper in half, sending our protagonists sliding down the building as it falls.

The stars of the sequence, Shia LaBeouf, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Tyrese Gibson sat down with MTV News to discuss how it was filmed.

Huntington-Whiteley said the building was on a crane-like apparatus, which suspended it at an angle.

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Director Michael Bay would shout action, and “then flower pots, chairs, paper and fake glass, tennis balls, every office supply you could possibly think of would get thrown down after us," said Huntington-Whiteley.

Gibson described the building as being like a giant slide.

"We all felt 12 again, sliding down the side of this building, shooting, screaming, doing everything we had to do in those scenes,” said Gibson.

LaBeouf said it took about three weeks to film, and looked at the sequence from a strategic, military standpoint.

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“In order to stop a Decepticon, you have to take their vision out first,” said LaBeouf. “For us to get the right sightline with our snipers, we have to get into this building. And whilst we’re trying to get into this building to get our sightline, a worm-like figure appears out of nowhere.”

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