'Transformers' (and Michael Bay) Parody Musical Opens in Hollywood

L.A. satire company 30 Minute Musicals takes on Michael Bay's summer blockbuster with "Trans4mers," running weekends through March 30 at the Hudson Backstage Theatre.

Transformers is getting its very own musical theater parody. 

Los Angeles' 30 Minute Musicals show, Trans4mers, features riffs on Michael Bay, Megan Fox and the characters of the mega-popular movie franchise. 

The show features Grace Phipps (Vampire Diaries) as the Megan Fox character Mikaela Banes and Sean Persaud as Michael Bay. D.J. Blickenstaff (Sean Saves the World) also features as Shia LaBeouf's character, Sam Witwicky. 

The show features Optimus Prime and Megatron squaring off dressed in painted boxes. “The actor who plays Optimus Prime had a lot of diaper boxers, Huggies,” Phipps tells THR. “So we’ll paint them but we’re leaving some of the original packaging boxes open on the inside like the armpits.”

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As for Megan Fox, Phipps notes of her role in the film:. “There’s a lot of shots that begin with her flipping her hair back for no reason ... I’ve incorporated a lot of hair flips.”

Michael Bay doesn’t appear in his own movie of course but he does in the parody play, accompanied by a pair of 13-year-old boys (played by grown women) who help him with the script, ensuring it lives up to teenage awesomeness standards. The director's name inspired the title of the opening number, Bay'd, turning it into a verb meaning to give something the Hollywood treatment.

30 Minute Musicals launched in 2011 after director Brooke Seguin caught an airing of the Patrick Swayze opus, Road House, on TV. Their first production was a parody of the kitsch classic Showgirls followed by ten blockbuster-skewering productions to date, including Jurassic Park, Top Gun, Hook and Independence Day, in which Chaz Bono played the President. Future plans include Back to the Future.

Trans4mers performances begin March 8 at the Hudson Backstage Theatre (6539 Santa Monica Blvd.) on Hollywood’s Theatre Row, running Saturday and Sunday nights through March 30.

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