'Transporter' Production Shut Down Due to Chris Vance Injury

Courtesy of RTL Television

The 12-part Cinemax action series has suspended filming in Toronto.

Production on Cinemax's Transporter, the television series based on the film franchise from Luc Besson, has been halted due to an on-set injury sustained by star Chris Vance.

Vance was injured while filming an action sequence on the Toronto set, and producers of the series decided to suspend filming to provide ample time to recover.

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“We want to ensure Chris’ return to peak physical condition before putting him back in front of the camera to continue shooting this fast-paced, action-packed series,” says showrunner Steve Shill in a statement.

The 12-part action series -- with a budget of approximately $3.3 million per episode -- underwent some major changes last month when it brought in veteran British director Shill (Rome, Dexter) and Canadian producer Karen Wookey (Andromeda) to help supervise production. Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie, who are executive producers, stepped into the background to provide creative support after writing most of the scripts.

The film franchise starred Jason Statham in the title role of Frank Martin and to date, has grossed $238.1 million in worldwide box office, according to Box Office Mojo.

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