'Trauma' promos mine radio drama

Used dramatic mock 911 calls as part of campaign

NBC is reviving the art of radio theater in a series of ads for its upcoming medical drama "Trauma" that dramatizes mock 911 calls.

The radio ads depict an emergency, a call to a 911 operator and then the aftermath, complete with voiceover from the point of view of the responding paramedic.

"The show is about these characters who are defined by these moments between life and death, and we wanted to capture that in the campaign," said Adam Stotsky, president of entertainment marketing for NBC. "Part of the trick with radio is to break though and engage. This is the lost art of radio storytelling."

The network is buying out two-minute blocks on radio stations in the top 13 markets with ads that will run as the only sponsored content in a two-hour programming block.

Also to promote "Trauma," which premieres Monday night, NBC is partnering with Yahoo for a new interactive product. Users can change the skin of their Yahoo home page to a "Trauma" theme and interact with the characters from the show -- the first time the Web portal has offered this technology in the U.S.
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