Travelistic on the map with virtual tours


A Web site launching Monday enables the impassioned traveler to explore the globe virtually from Vancouver to Vienna.

Dubbed Travelistic, the video-intensive site found at covers hundreds of destinations with a combination of user-generated content, broadband video and original programming.

"With the Web, you can get information instantaneously and travel is all about connection, so this is the perfect marriage with a technology that lets people capture and share experiences," Travelistic founder and CEO Nicholas Butterworth said.

Butterworth, who was president and CEO of MTVi Group -- the former Internet arm of MTV Networks -- founded the site with Tatum Lade, the former vp technology at iFilm, and online film and video archive company. Tatum now serves as vp technology and product development for Travelistic.

Butterworth said the site, which generates revenue from pre-roll video supplied by video advertising network InStream and targeted text ads from Google AdSense, has been adding 20 destinations and more than 100 videos each week, while featuring video from more than 120 Boards of Tourism.

The site offers the capability for users to search for video on any destination while showcasing content ranging from professional to home-made travel video uploaded from a registered user's cell phone.

Registered users of the site get their own profile page where they can message others, form groups, invite friends and share and organize videos.

The site's licensed video includes "Thirsty Traveler," a weekly excursion into various wine, beer and spirit producing regions; "Get Out! Girls," which highlights the adventures of three female friends as they tour exotic locales; and "Focus On," which takes a deeper view of foreign cultures and lifestyles.

"As we go through the year, we'll feature more topical and seasonal content," Butterworth said. "We're trying to present all the different facets of the travel experience."