'SYTYCD's' Travis Wall Teases Dancing, Drama on Oxygen's 'All the Right Moves'

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Travis Wall at the "Step Up Revolution" premiere

The reality series follows the former "So You Think You Can Dance" competitor and "Step Up Revolution" choreographer as he starts a dance company with his three best friends.

On Tuesday night, Oxygen sets the stage for its new reality series All the Right Moves, following So You Think You Can Dance competitor and choreographer Travis Wall try his luck at a new title -- entrepreneur.

“It’s about me and my three best friends living together,” Wall told The Hollywood Reporter. “We started a dance company called Shaping Sound, and it takes a look into a day in the life -- how to do what we do. We’re starting from the ground up and not having any money to start it up with, and just trying to set goals and try to achieve them.”

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Wall, who mapped multiple numbers in the newly released dance film Step Up Revolution, admitted that he butted heads with roommates and fellow dancers Teddy Forance (Cirque du Soleil dancer/choreographer), Nick Lazzarini (SYTYCD first season winner) and Kyle Robinson.

“The four of us, egos get tested -- who’s in charge and who gets the most credit in the group," he said.

Wall warns that viewers shouldn't get too attached to any of the characters on the show, because sometimes the drama can get so heated that someone will exit the show.

“I also have one of my assistants and dancers that I’ve known forever [on the show],” he told THR. “She tests my ego and she stops believing in me. She causes drama in the entire group and ends up leaving the show.”

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From World of Wonder Productions and with Randy BarbatoFenton Bailey and Tom Campbell serving as executive producers, All the Right Moves combines the drama that Oxygen series are famous for, with the contemporary dance featured in reality competitions like SYTYCD.

“There’s two dance numbers per episode, beautiful dancing,” said Wall. “It’s been a two-year process with this show, and we’ve been filming for five months. It’s really entertaining.”

All The Right Moves premieres Tuesday, July 31, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Oxygen.

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