Trent Reznor Talks Scoring 'The Social Network' on PBS


As announced on Tuesday morning (Dec. 14), Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor snagged a Golden Globe nod for his score of The Social Network. Reznor, who has done few interviews regarding The Social Network, spoke to PBS' Tavis Smiley later that night about working on a film score for the first time.
Reznor says about initially turned down writing the music for The Social Network because he wanted to take a year off after touring with NIN and recently getting married. He also said a lack of confidence swayed him to say no.
After questioning his decision to turn down the offer, Reznor spoke with The Social Network director David Fincher again months later and found the offer was still on the table. Turns out it was a nice change of pace for Reznor, who said, "Twenty years into making music, the soundtrack has been a breath of fresh air."
On his future endeavors, Reznor told Smiley, "To be frank, seeing the accolades that are coming in for the film has been a great experience, so there's nowhere to go but down from here."