Trevor Noah Chastises "Dumbass" Disney World Park-Goers

"What dad is so cheap that this vacation is worth the risk?" asked the 'Daily Show' host about the Florida theme park reopening amid the pandemic.

Trevor Noah on Monday lit into those who visited Walt Disney World over the weekend during its reopening as the novel coronavirus remains rampant in the U.S., especially in Florida. 

A large portion of Disney World welcomed back guests Saturday, which included the Magic Kingdom Park and Disney's Animal Kingdom Park. The rest of the sprawling resort will reopen Wednesday, including EPCOT and Disney's Hollywood Studios. All the while, Florida reported a record-breaking 15,299 new confirmed coronavirus cases Sunday, which marked the highest daily total any U.S. state has recorded thus far.

The Daily Show host was utterly baffled by the situation. 

"It's crazy that we're in the middle of a pandemic that's killed hundreds of thousands of people and there are still folks out there like, 'Life isn't scary enough. Let's go on a roller coaster!'" Noah said. "What dad is so cheap that this vacation is worth the risk?" 

The host's mini-rant continued as he mocked a message that plays over the speakers at the park, asking guests to wear their masks, wash their hands often and to social distance. "Basically, what we're saying is: 'Why are you at Disney World, dumbass?'" Noah said with his mouth covered, impersonating the park announcer. 

Pointing out park staff are just as much at risk as the guests, Noah quipped, "The safest job they have right now is inside a 200-degree rat costume." 

In related news, Disney on Monday announced it would again close Hong Kong Disneyland over virus cases increasing in China. A number of Wall Street analysts saw the move as a minor setback. 

Watch the full segment below.