Trevor Noah Compares Trump to Stand-Up Comedian

Photographed by Aaron Richter

The 'Daily Show' host joined CNN's Van Jones on 'The Messy Truth' on Wednesday night to talk about President Trump's recent address to Congress.

The Daily Show host Trevor Noah found some common ground with President Donald Trump, a man who he regularly criticizes on his Comedy Central program. 

Joining host Van Jones on CNN's The Messy Truth, Noah likened the president to his own profession: stand-up comedy. 

"I watch Trump through a different filter," Noah told Jones. "When I see Trump, I see a stand-up comedian. He connects with audiences the same way. He knows how to make you laugh in a moment where you didn’t think you would. He knows how to broach a topic in a way that no one normally can."

Referencing Trump's recent address to Congress, in which Trump honored the widow of Navy SEAL William “Ryan” Owens, Carryn Owens, Noah said, "During that moment with Ryan’s wife, Trump even told a joke and people laughed and people connected. I was like, ‘This is scary. This is good.’ " 

Jones had called Trump's address the "moment when he became presidential," drawing criticism from other pundits on his network for the remark. Noah also addressed Jones' comment: "What’s not scary is that he became presidential in that moment, what’s scary is that it’s that easy to become presidential."

Noah, who was born in South Africa, also spoke about bridging a divide between Trump opponents and supporters, particularly on the issue of immigration. "Not every Trump supporter is racist, you could even argue that not most of them are racist," Noah said. "But then I would turn that and say for Trump supporters, why would you say all immigrants are criminals? Would you not say that same logic should be applied to them?"