Trevor Noah Criticizes "Aggresively Ignorant" Fox News for Coverage of James Comey's Trump Memo

The 'Daily Show' host called the cable network the president's "Snapchat filter," adding, "Whatever the reality is they always make him look better than he is."

Trevor Noah had a field day tearing into Fox News on Wednesday night's Daily Show, accusing the network of bending over backward to spin the constant barrage of scandals involving Trump and Russia.

Noah brought up the multiple pieces of news that have broken this week, including reports that Trump leaked classified information to the Russians, that he asked James Comey to end the Flynn investigation, and last night's announcement that a special prosecutor has been selected to head up the Russia investigation.

"If this investigation moves fast enough, Trump might not be able to get back home [from his overseas trip] because America doesn't let criminals back into the country," joked Noah.

The host mused about Comey's influence on Trump, saying he first helped get him elected and now he could be the reason he gets kicked out of the White House.

"Comey reminds me of every black mother," said Noah, "'I brought you into this world, and child, I can take you out of it.'"

"To not acknowledge the gravity of this Comey memo you'd have to be willfully ignorant, aggressively ignorant. In fact, you'd have to be Fox News," said Noah. He took a look at the way Fox News has been covering the Trump scandals this week, saying "Why examine what the current president is doing wrong when you can just keep talking shit about Obama?"

He said besides "randomly blaming Obama," Fox News also had on commentators who "clearly" don't understand subtext and questioned what Trump could have meant by allegedly telling Comey of his investigation into former NSA head Michael Flynn, "I hope you can let this go." The Daily Show host also laughed at Jesse Watters for saying this scandal wasn't salacious enough. "If he can't jerk off to it, it's not news," said Noah.

The most challenging case of spin, according to Noah, was pretending to believe Comey instead of Trump. There were two people in the room during the Flynn conversation, said Noah. "One of them took notes. The other one is the world's most famous liar. Trump lies about things we can see."

Noah said that he now realizes why Donald Trump loves Fox News so much. "They are basically his Snapchat filter. Whatever the reality is they always make him look better than he is."

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