Trevor Noah Jokes Donald Trump "Has Hired the Suicide Squad" With New Campaign Staffers

The Daily Show Trevor Noah Still H 2016
Brad Barket/Comedy Central

The 'Daily Show' host also talked about the Republican presidential candidate's message to black voters.

On Wednesday night's The Daily Show, Trevor Noah took on Donald Trump's campaign shake-up, with the Republican presidential candidate naming Breitbart boss Steve Bannon as campaign CEO and pollster Kellyanne Conway as campaign manager. There are also reports that former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes is giving Trump advice.

"If Trump is the Joker, he has hired the Suicide Squad," Noah joked. "Kellyanne Conway — she's a legendary Republican pollster; Roger Ailes, the sexual harassing architect of Fox News."

He continued, "And Steve Bannon — this is the boss of Breitbart, an arch conservative website that often has headlines like this: 'There's No Hiring Bias Against Women in Tech. They Just Suck at Interviews.'"

Noah said the Trump campaign is operating like the final season of Lost.

"They should be wrapping things up, but instead they're adding more and more characters. And everyone's like, 'Hey, how are you going to make this work? Oh! I get it! They don't know what the f— they're doing!' That's what's happening."

That's not all Noah said about Trump. The Daily Show host mocked the Republican presidential candidate for speaking to black voters but not near black voters. He was referring to a speech Trump made about police discrimination in West Bend, Wisconsin, which a news report says is 95 percent white.

"You know things are bad when a rich white man is asking black people for help," said Noah. "Normally, the only time a 70-year-old billionaire is asking black people for help, it's usually their nurse, and it's usually because they've shit themselves ? which, technically, the Trump campaign has, so I guess it makes sense."

He criticized Trump for implying that black communities don't feel oppressed because of their experiences but because its what Democrats have tricked them into thinking.

"Like before that, black people didn't know what was happening to them?" asked Noah. "They were like, 'What? This is oppression? I thought the officer was massaging me with his night stick! Oh, I didn't know. Why, thank you, Mr. Democrat.'"