Trevor Noah: Donald Trump's "Xenophobia" Tactics Are Dangerous

Trevor Noah - H 2015
Peter Yang/Comedy Central

Trevor Noah - H 2015

"When I see Donald Trump doing what he does, saying what he says, I go, 'I've seen that same as back home,' " the Comedy Central host told James Carville.

Trevor Noah believes GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump is playing with fire. 

On Saturday, the new Daily Show host spoke to political commentator James Carville at the inaugural Politicon, the two-day event at the Los Angeles Convention Center billed as the Comic-Con of politics. 

Noah, who took over the reins of the Comedy Central show last month after longtime host Jon Stewart retired from the program, compared the outspoken billionaire businessman's campaign tactics to those of politicians from his native South Africa.

"When I see Donald Trump doing what he does, saying what he says, I go, 'I've seen that same as back home,' " he said. "When people are starving, you can sell them any story. Hitler did it in Germany. [Hitler] said, 'You know why you're hungry — because of those people.' That's the best time to mobilize anyone, is when they're hungry, and they're scared. You can give them any story because people want change, and you can give them that change."

He continued: "When I see Donald Trump say these things, I go, 'I know what this is. I've seen this before.' I come from a place where at times, xenophobia has risen to a point where there is violence in the street against people from other countries."  

Noah and Carville spoke for almost 16 minutes, touching on different topics, including Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton.

Carville asked Noah what piece of advice he would give Clinton, if she sought him out. The answer didn't immediately come to Noah, but he finally responded: "I would say to her, 'Stop trying to be and just be.' "

As for how he hopes his audience feels about his work when they wake up the Wednesday after the election next year, the 31-year-old Noah said, "I would hope No.1 to say I brought a little bit of relief from the craziness. After that, I hope people would go, 'OK, we had the right information, we asked about the right things, we had an honest perspective on it and now we don't have to think about it for while.' "