Trevor Noah Pokes Fun at Trump Staring at Eclipse, Jokes Melania Should Have "Escaped"

Correspondent -appeared in another segment to give advice to white supremacists.

Trevor Noah joined the many people laughing at Donald Trump yesterday for staring directly into the sun during the solar eclipse.

“Apparently, the president’s aides were really worried about him so they told him not to look directly into the sun," said Noah. "And Donald Trump was like, ‘Don’t worry about me. That’s my policy. Every day, don’t look at the son,'" mocked Noah, as a picture of Eric Trump appeared next to him.

Noah's teasing didn't end with the president. “Donald Trump and Melania were even watching together, which surprised me because two minutes of total darkness? That should have been her chance to escape.”

He also called handclasped Jeff Sessions "adorable," saying, “It’s like he’s watching Santa ride off into the sky with all of the toys he helped make.”

Noah, who is back from a hiatus, spoke about Charlottesville and white supremacy in the show, inviting correspondent Roy Wood Jr. to join him.

"How are you the master race but you're so dumb?" Wood asked white nationalists. Donald Trump's already given the white supremacists pretty much everything they want, explained Wood, listing off the Muslim ban, the border wall and the taking away of voting rights. He thinks the white supremacists should keep a low profile while they have "insider" Trump in the office.

“Let me give you some advice," added Wood. "You, the genius ‘master race.’ What Dr. King always say? ‘Keep your eyes on the prize. You’ve got Donald Trump in the White House. He’s got Jeff Sessions by his side. You want Confederate monuments — Jeff Sessions is a living Confederate monument. Play it cool, play it cool."

He joked, "When Obama gave us reparations, we didn’t grab tiki torches and scream ‘Direct deposit,’ we just cashed the checks."