Trevor Noah and Jimmy Fallon Show Off Bernie Sanders, Trump, Obama Impressions

Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

The late-night hosts revealed their takes on various politicians doing everyday activities during Tuesday's episode of 'The Tonight Show.'

Trevor Noah joined forces with fellow late-night host Jimmy Fallon when the two played a game that showed off their impressions of politicians on Tuesday's episode of The Tonight Show.

During the game, Fallon used an impression generator to match a politician with an activity.

Noah kicked off the game by performing an impression of Barack Obama giving the sex talk. "This isn't gonna be easy, but progress rarely is. So listen up," said Noah, who spoke with a deep tone and slow voice. "When a man loves a woman…sometimes he wants to stimulate her economy. Now, let me be clear. Let me be clear. I'm talking about consensual sex. It's completely natural and uhhhh fun."

The impression generator assigned the host an impression of Bernie Sanders at a Dunkin' Donuts drive-thru. After he played the restaurant employee asking for his order, Fallon got into character as Sanders. "I'd like a number seven," he said in a deep and loud tone. The host returned to his employee impression to state that Sanders was confused with the ordering process from another restaurant. After he explained that Sander can order donuts or coffee, Fallon said as Sanders, "I would not like a coffee. I would like a cup of steamed milk and make sure that it's not 1 percent."

Noah was next assigned to perform an impression of Beto O'Rourke reading the ingredients off of a box of cereal. After he held up the "mic like a rabbi," Noah enthusiastically said, "Let's see what we got. We got rice flour, yes! Sugar, frickin' yes! Flax seeds, I was born to eat flax seeds!"

Fallon next took on an impression of Vladimir Putin giving a review of Child's Play. "Child's Play is the funniest movie I've ever seen in my life," Fallon said with a Russian accent. "I've laughed so hard that I peed pants."

The two performed the final impression together, which was of Donald Trump smoking weed for the first time. After Noah got into character and pretended to smoke an imaginary joint, he said, "Wow! So amazing! So amazing — I can feel it hitting me in all different places." Noah regularly changed the volume of his voice as he declared that he could feel the effects of the marijuana.

Fallon soon joined in on the impression and tried to shake hands with Noah. "It's a pleasure. It's like I'm there, but I'm here," said Fallon as he also did an impression of Trump.

"Make weed great again," added Noah.

Noah later began an impression of Melania Trump as she walked in on her husband smoking weed. "Oh my gosh! Quick, hide it," said Fallon as Trump.

Earlier in the appearance, Noah and Fallon spoke about the upcoming 2020 Democratic debates. Both The Daily Show and The Tonight Show are going live to cover the debates.

"Live debates, we don't know what's gonna happen. Good and bad things," said Noah about his expectations for the upcoming debates. "It depends who's on the stage. It could be super exciting or it could just be super boring."

While he said that not knowing what will happen can lead to a boring live show, he added that the live aspect of the show meant that the audience will bring great energy.

"Because we live in the world of politics, it's like the culmination of a story. So now the stages have been set. It's Cory Booker and you've got Joe Biden and how's their thing gonna end? Is it a love affair or does it end in another fight?" said Noah.