Trevor Noah Fantasizes 'Daily Show,' 'CSI' Crossover After Viacom-CBS Merger

Courtesy of Comedy Central

"I'll be honest, I think this is a great merger," said the 'Daily Show' host, whose show currently operates under Viacom.

Viacom's merger with CBS, announced Tuesday, got The Daily Show's Trevor Noah thinking about dream crossovers on Wednesday's show. His ultimate goal? To appear on CSI across from David Caruso. 

"I'll be honest, I think this is a great merger," Noah said at the top of his bit on the merger on the Comedy Central (a Viacom property) show. "I'm biased because this means I can merge with my favorite TV shows."

Noah then announced that he had already filmed a guest spot on CSI and he thought it went "pretty well." The host showed a CSI clip with himself green-screened into the scenery. As Caruso and co-star Khandi Alexander examine a dead body, Alexander tells Caruso, "Shot in the light of day in a house filled with people? That's cold-blooded, Horatio."

"Cold as ice," Caruso responds.

"Do you guys get it, It's cold as ... oh s---, that was funny," Noah says in the doctored clip. "You killed me with that line."

Earlier in the segment, Noah waxed poetic on the "infinite spinoff potential" created by the new media behemoth ViacomCBS: "Yeah, like Young Sheldon and Drunk History can merge to become just Drunk Sheldon. Or we could finally get a season of Survivor set in [the] Jersey Shore. Yeah, now you get voted out of the Jacuzzi." Another suggestion? Spongebob Squarepants combining with SEAL Team to create SEAL Team Squarepants

The Viacom-CBS merger, recombining the two companies after Sumner Redstone split them in 2006, will boast a library of 3,600 film titles and 140,000 TV episodes and create an estimated $500 million in savings. Post-merger, ViacomCBS will have nabbed a 22 percent share of the American television audience, a figure that is larger than those of Comcast, Disney, Fox Corporation, Discovery or WarnerMedia.

Watch Noah's full clip below.