Trevor Noah Is Baffled by the Starbucks Cup Controversy

Courtesy of Comedy Central
Trevor Noah

'The Daily Show' host thinks everything is backwards: "The rich, out-of-touch businessman is the one who's trying to save Christmas."

Trevor Noah can't believe people are so worked up over coffee cups.

During a segment Tuesday on The Daily Show, the Comedy Central host lampooned the outrage over Starbucks doing away with holiday decorations on its seasonal disposable cups, opting for a solid red with the green logo. 

"That is the color of Christmas," Noah said of the design. "They didn't make the cups red and green in honor of stoplights or to remember the time that Kermit [the Frog] got a rash." 

Noah proceeded to rip into GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump for remarks he made about the change when speaking at a Monday rally, suggesting to the crowd that a boycott of Starbucks may be in order. 

The former Apprentice host went one step further and said when he gets to the White House, there will be changes.

"If I become president, we’re all going to be saying 'Merry Christmas' again. That I can tell you," Trump said.

Noah commented that the entire situation was like a bad, reverse holiday movie. 

"The rich, out-of-touch businessman is the one who's trying to save Christmas," Noah said. "Next thing you'll have a poor orphan boy on crutches being like, 'Santa, screw you and your stupid horses with horns. Atheism rules.' "

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