Trevor Noah Jokes Mexico Could Give More Attitude While Offering Hurricane Aid to U.S.

Courtesy of Comedy Central

"I would have helped, but I would have been super bitchy about it," the 'Daily Show' host says.

On Wednesday, Trevor Noah encouraged his viewers to donate to charities helping Hurricane Harvey victims, as he commented on how people are stepping up to support others in a time of need. He reflected on how Mexico's foreign minister called the Texas governor to propose an assistance package similar to the one the country provided after Hurricane Katrina, offering troops, medical supplies, food and water.

"Mexicans are a lot better than I am as a human being," said Noah, referring to how Trump has spoken about Mexicans in the past and his continued promises of building a wall. "I would have helped, but I would have been super bitchy about it."

"Every moment I would add assholeness to every single thing," Noah said. He jokingly voiced an exchange between two people.

"I'd be like, 'C'mon get on to the boat.' 'Thank God you're here to help me out, you got here in time.' 'Luckily there was no wall — can you imagine if there was, man?'" he said.

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