Trevor Noah Mocks Weinstein, Spacey Seeking Treatment After Sexual-Assault Claims

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Sex Rehab Stars Skit - Screenshot - H 2017

During Wednesday night's broadcast of 'The Daily Show,' the host ridiculed the Arizona facility center where Weinstein and Spacey are both seeking treatment.

During Wednesday's broadcast of The Daily Show, Trevor Noah talked about some of the recent developments concerning Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey, both of whom have been accused of sexual harassment and assault.

Referring to the pair as "disgraced Hollywood icons," even dubbing them "Sparvey," Noah pointed out that another thing the pair have in common is that they've both sought treatment.

"As more details and allegations continue to emerge, it looks like both men are doing the responsible thing and pretending to get help," Noah began.

The late-night host then aired a news clip detailing that both Weinstein and Spacey checked into a treatment center called Gentle Path, in Arizona. The secluded desert facility offers a 45-day treatment program for "sexual addiction issues," which consists of art therapy, a pool, a fitness center, equine therapy and yoga.

"Wow, yoga by the pool? Sounds less like rehabilitation and more like a prize you win on Wheel of Fortune," Noah jeered.

Unable to comprehend the center's luxuries, Noah continued, "What is this? Like, rich people are having a good time. You have to admit, this is how rich people get punished. Where do poor people go for sex rehab? Prison? Or some guy's basement in Pittsburgh where they all share one dumbbell?"

While finding the center's treatment questionable, Noah joked that its location provides an advantage. "At least in Arizona, the potted plants can fight back if Harvey Weinstein tries to jack off into them," Noah joked.

Despite Weinstein and Spacey seeking treatment, Noah argued that this course of action doesn't excuse their alleged crimes. "Going to sex rehab does not absolve you if you committed sex crimes. We're not stupid, guys."

In the wake of the alleged claims, Spacey will be replaced by Christopher Plummer in his upcoming film, All the Money in the World, just weeks before the film's release. One of Weinstein's accusers, Lauren Sivan, meanwhile, is helping to lead a Take Back the Workplace march aimed to promote a ban on confidentiality agreements in sexual harassment and assault settlements. It is set for Nov. 12 in Hollywood.