New 'Daily Show' Host Trevor Noah Talks Oscar Pistorius, Nelson Mandela in Montreal Comedy Festival Set

Trevor Noah Standup Routine - H 2015

The South African comic didn't address a recent Twitter controversy and succeeding Jon Stewart during his Just for Laughs set.

Trevor Noah, Jon Stewart's successor as host of The Daily Show, slammed Oscar Pistorius for shooting and killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp and honored the late Nelson Mandela as he hosted a Just for Laughs comedy festival gala in Montreal on Thursday night.

"Now I'm not one to call anyone a liar. But he's a liar," Noah said about Pistorius, earning loud applause as he joked about and commented on South Africa's complex racial and political issues. He said Americans often ask him about Pistorius. "The guy who shot his girlfriend, yeah, the dude without the legs, you mean Oscar Pistofforious, what's his name?" he said.

"You don't need legs to shoot a gun," Noah added. Recounting Pistorius' murder in detail, the Daily Show heir took exception to the Olympian's comments in court that he did not see Steenkamp while calling out to her. "He was clearly watching too much Game of Thrones. That's the only place I know where you can have conversations with someone without looking at them," he quipped. "It's conversations with your back turned to someone, that's what it is."

His Just For Laughs gig followed Noah coming under fire earlier this year for old tweets in which he joked about women and Jewish people. Noah ignored that controversy, which followed news that he had been anointed to succeed Stewart, during his Montreal comedy set.

Noah did talk about his own and the world's reverence for former South African leader Mandela, but added that some Americans haven't apparently gotten the memo about his death. "'Heh, Nelson Mandela, how is he?' Well, he's gone now. 'Really, oh, I'm sorry,'" he joked about conversations he has had.

On Sept. 28, Noah will take over as host of Comedy Central's The Daily Show after Stewart's final episode on Aug. 6.