Trevor Noah Jokes That Trump Should Hire 'Game of Thrones' Character Hodor as Communications Director

"It's almost like before Trump hires someone he Googles 'opposite of' and he just hires that person," said Noah, criticizing Trump's Cabinet picks.

For Trevor Noah, every day since Donald Trump won the election has been an emotional roller coaster.

The Daily Show host acted out his up-and-down emotions on Thursday's show, saying he waffles between "ehh" and "AHHHH!" while reading news about Trump.

"What makes it worse than a roller coaster is the fact that this ride's going to be four years long," said Noah. "And the scary thing is we're still just waiting in the line. The ride hasn't even started yet."

Noah dived into Trump's recent picks for his administration, saying he thinks Trump is trolling America. "You realize almost every single person he's picked for his Cabinet wants to destroy the thing that they've been put in charge of," said Noah. Trump's selections include a potential head of the Environmental Protection Agency who "doesn't believe the environment should be protected," a National Security Advisor who has "repeatedly fallen for conspiracy theories and hoaxes" and a Secretary of Labor "opposed to workers' rights."

"It's almost like before Trump hires someone he Googles 'opposite of' and he just hires that person," exclaimed Noah. In keeping with this "opposite" theory, Noah suggested that Osama bin Laden head Homeland Security, the Joker be in charge of protecting Gotham and Game of Thrones' Hodor be named communications director. "What's he saying, I don't know?!" said Noah.

He said that he knows the country is in trouble when one of Trump's most sensible hires is WWE magnate Linda McMahon, who Trump selected to be the head of the Small Business Administration.

"Welcome to the Trump administration where climate change is fake and wrestling is real," said Noah.