Trevor Noah and Seth Meyers Mock Donald Trump for "Copying" Fox News

Courtesy of Comedy Central

"The commander-in-chief gets his intelligence from the same place your racist grandpa does," said the 'Daily Show' host.

On Wednesday, Trevor Noah and Seth Meyers called Donald Trump out for tweeting about Chicago's homicide rate in a way that echoed what Bill O'Reilly had just aired on his show earlier Tuesday night.

Noah pointed to Trump's tweet about how he will "send in the Feds" if Chicago doesn't "fix the horrible carnage going on."

Trump, "just thinks 'Send in the feds' sounds cool because whenever you hear that line in Hollywood something gets done," said Noah, introducing a montage of federal agents onscreen.

"To me though one of the scariest things about Trump's tweet is not the idea, but where he got it from," said Noah. "You see it wasn't from some classified briefing on urban violence. Trump's tweet came an hour after Bill O'Reilly showed that stat on his show and coincidentally Bill O'Reilly also suggested sending in the feds."

"That is insane," continued Noah. "The commander-in-chief gets his intelligence from the same place your racist grandpa does."

He joked it's extra dangerous because Trump might start issuing policy based on what he sees when Melania is channel-surfing.

Seth Meyers also took issue with Trump echoing O'Reilly an hour after The O'Reilly Factor

"If you're going to copy your work at least change it enough to hide your tracks," said Meyers. "Didn't you learn anything from your inauguration speech?" Meyers played a clip of Trump's speech and Batman character Bane's speech back to back.

"Trump literally takes his cues from Fox News and Bane," said Meyers, joking that could be good if they could just get O'Reilly to say Trump should step down.

Meyers spent his "Closer Look" segment on Trump's beliefs of conspiracy theories and his first days in office.

He joked about a report that aides are trying to get Trump away from the television screen, since he's reportedly so obsessed with cable news. "Have you tried hiding the remote somewhere he would never look? Like under the Constitution?" said Meyers.

He also mocked Trump for his staffers leaks to the press that he's lazy. One report alleged that Trump would likely rarely climb the flight of stairs to Kellyanne Conway's office. "That sounds right. I think Trump would look at a flight of stairs and say, 'This escalator's broken.'"