Trevor Noah, Seth Meyers Criticize Trump for John Lewis Tweets

Courtesy of Comedy Central

"Saying John Lewis isn't a man of action is like me saying Donald Trump is 'all tax returns, no tweets,' " joked the 'Daily Show' host.

Seth Meyers and Trevor Noah joined Stephen Colbert in criticizing president-elect Donald Trump for attacking Rep. John Lewis over the weekend

Meyers said that after Lewis said he doesn't believe Trump is a "legitimate president," many politicians respectfully disagreed with him. However, "as usual, Trump took it to a whole new super-racist level," said Meyers.

Meyers shared Trump's tweets that Lewis was "all talk talk talk — no action or results." He incredulously defended the civil rights icon, saying, "John Lewis was getting beaten by police for protesting for voting rights while you were starting your first failed business," showing a photo of a fake child Trump selling lemonade for $300. The Late Night host said for those wondering whether it's racist that Trump assumed Lewis' congressional district was crime-infested and falling apart, "the answer is a hard yes."

"Trump changes positions more often than a porn star with a bad back," joked Meyers, talking about how in the past, Trump wanted to put up a business in the district he now insults. He also called out Trump and his defenders as hypocritical for complaining about his legitimacy being questioned, given his years-long birther arguments against President Obama.

After a segment on Steve Harvey, The Daily Show's Trevor Noah also dove in to the John Lewis-Donald Trump argument. 

"Saying John Lewis isn't a man of action is like me saying Donald Trump is 'all tax returns, no tweets,' " joked Noah.

He pointed out that Lewis has been severely beaten on his head "multiple times by racist policemen who were trying to silence him."

"I'm not going to front," said the Daily Show host. "If you smashed me over the head, I would seriously reconsider whatever issue I was fighting for." Noah said he thinks Trump didn't even know who Lewis was when he tweeted, and that his remarks were just his generic response to black people. He joked that if Trump ever met a black astronaut, he would thank him for "fighting crime in the burning inner cities of space."

On Tuesday, Trump continued to tweet about Lewis, drawing attention to the fact that he also boycotted George W. Bush's inauguration in 2001.

"John Lewis said about my inauguration, 'It will be the first one that I've missed.' WRONG (or lie)! He boycotted Bush 43 also because he 'thought it would be hypocritical to attend Bush's swearing-in....he doesn't believe Bush is the true elected president.' Sound familiar!" the president-elect tweeted.

In his Friday interview with NBC News' Meet the Press, Lewis mistakenly said Trump's was the first inauguration he would miss since his election to the House in 1986.

"His absence at that time was also a form of dissent," a spokeswoman for Lewis told CNBC. "He did not believe the outcome of that election, including the controversies around the results in Florida and the unprecedented intervention of the U.S. Supreme Court, reflected a free, fair and open democratic process."