Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah Take on Matt Lauer Commander-in-Chief Forum Criticism

Donald_Trump_NBC_Commander in Chief - Publicity - H 2016
Heidi Gutman/NBC

Donald_Trump_NBC_Commander in Chief - Publicity - H 2016

"I don't know what the f— he was doing, and neither did he," said the 'Daily Show' host of the 'Today' host's widely-bashed turn as moderator.

On Thursday, late-night hosts Trevor Noah and Stephen Colbert addressed the widespread criticism of Matt Lauer's performance as a moderator for the Commander-in-Chief forum featuring Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

“During World War II, on multiple occasions, kamikaze planes crashed into the Intrepid,” Noah said, referencing the venue of the event. “And last night Matt Lauer continued that tradition, because I don't know what the f— he was doing and neither did he.”

Noah criticized Lauer for focusing on Hillary Clinton's emails so much that the host felt like he was "stuck in line at the Genius Bar."

The Daily Show host said the event was meant to focus on national security, and he pointed to the moment when a veteran asked Clinton about fighting ISIS and Lauer told Clinton to answer "as briefly as you can."

“Are you shitting me?" said Noah. “This event was called the Commander-in-Chief Forum. It’s the reason we were watching, and because Matt Lauer spent so much time on his questions about emails, the actual questions from the actual veterans about the actual commander-in-chiefing gets reduced to a speed date.”

He said that because of Lauer running out of time, he wasn't able to push back on Clinton saying she wouldn't put ground troops in Iraq or Syria "ever again."

The only thing worse than his questioning of Clinton, in Noah's opinion, was how Lauer dealt with Trump.

Noah said that Trump "blatantly lies" and Lauer just moves on to the next question. "I would love to date Matt Lauer," joked Noah. "Getting busted would be impossible. It’d be like, ‘Who’s Thirsty Lisa?’ ‘Uh, my mom?’ ‘All right. Let’s move on and talk about dinner.’”

Stephen Colbert wasn't as harsh as Noah, but he spent more time mocking the choice of Lauer as moderator in general. He said that since the forum wasn't a debate, there were no real winners but that many have "declared a loser — Matt Lauer."

He joked that the Today show host was the obvious choice for moderating a forum about national security. "Here he is weighing in on military intervention in Syria," said Colbert, showing footage of Lauer dressed up in a Baywatch bathing suit.

Colbert said it's too much to call Lauer a "complete disgrace to journalism" for his forum performance, because a complete disgrace to journalism would be Lauer dressing up as Paris Hilton. Of course, Colbert followed that with footage of Lauer dressed as Hilton. He joked that "Paris" is foreign policy experience. Watch below.