Trevor Noah Mocks Trump for "Phony" Accomplishments

The 'Daily Show' host signed his own executive order to try and stop Trump from making up lies and fake accomplishments.

"It's Comey week people!" a gleeful Trevor Noah declared on Tuesday's The Daily Show.

Noah was referring to James Comey's much-anticipated testimony Thursday, when he will speak about the investigation into possible ties between Trump's campaign and Russia. The only group not celebrating "Comey week," Noah said, is the Trump administration, as the president's administration tries to push "infrastructure week."

"They're trying to distract from the most exciting political story, but they're doing it with the most boring topic of all. 'Infrastructure week,' really? It's like if a TV channel said, 'How can we steal viewers from Shark Week? Oh I know, Barnacle Week,'" said Noah.

Noah joked that streets and roads are important, because how else will Comey get to his hearing to testify? He moved on to mock Trump's small portable desk and recent air traffic control ceremony, where he signed a document that appeared to be a bill but wasn't.

"Hate him or love him you've gotta admit Trump looks really cute when he signs things at that little desk." Noah thinks it looks like a high chair, and he said he's waiting for Trump to flip over the page and color in the mermaid drawing on the back. He said he was impressed by Trump's recent executive order signing — until he discovered it was actually just a memo to Congress.

"What the hell people? He just wrote a to-do list and signed it? He really is a TV president," said Noah. He called it a recurring theme of Trump's presidency. "He loves the performance of doing things. But a lot of the time, nothing's actually being done. Essentially, Donald Trump wants to be president, but he doesn't want to do president."

The Daily Show host detailed how many of Trump's deals aren't actually deals at all, using a graphic to describe it as "No Content for Old Man." "I don't know about you, but I think it's time we take action and crack down on these phony claims," Noah added.

Noah brought out his own "tiny desk for doing stuff" and shouted "No more lies." He signed a piece of paper with a massively large pencil and said, "It's done, no more lies."