Trevor Noah Sings About Trump's "Forgotten Man"

The Daily Show Trevor Noah_Forgotten Man Song - Publicity - H 2017
Screengrab/Comedy Central

Trevor Noah also brought Jaden Smith into Congress for some serious reaction shots to the health care debate.

When President Trump was campaigning, he spoke a lot about the "forgotten" men and women of America that he promised to remember when he came into office.

On Thursday's Daily Show, Trevor Noah played clips of Trump's promises and performed a song that suggested that Trump's policies may be at odds of the interests of these "forgotten" people.

“That’s right,” Noah said. “Trump and his people will not forget you, unless you’re a Russian ambassador. Then, that never happened.”

He then donned a cowboy outfit and sang a country song with the chorus, "The forgotten man, the forgotten man, Donald Trump is your friend," adding "You'll never be forgotten again."

The Daily Show host interspersed news clips with the tune, specifically reports on how Trump is deregulating the finance industry, letting coal pollution occur and other news that might be detrimental to the "forgotten" people Trump talked about.

"I would have started with the people myself, but lobbyists are people too," Noah sang. He also sang, "More pollution, means more coal, more coal means more jobs, so who cares if they poison the streams?"

As the song continued, Noah became more skeptical. "I'm starting to think Trump's pulling a con and he don't have the forgotten in mind," he crooned.

During Thursday's show, Noah also talked about the debates around the GOP health care replacement, and he found a particular Missouri representative's arguments amusing.

"You know, what if you look at the number one cause of skin cancer, it's not tanning beds. Do a Google search: it's the sun," said Rep. Jason Smith.

"I think we need to get this guy into the same room as Jaden Smith," said Noah, showing a clip of Jaden Smith's mind getting blown by Jason Smith's comments.