Trevor Noah Takes On Trump's Multiple Personalities

"Think of him as the Academy Award winner for best actor in a presidency."

On Thursday's Daily Show, Trevor Noah said he is convinced that Trump has multiple personalities that he is in total of control of, because Trump is more acting as a president than actually being one.

"Every day this week, we have seen a wildly different Donald address the nation,” said Noah. He described the three Trumps as "Teleprompter Trump," "Freestyle Trump" and "Sincere Trump."

“Three days, three Trumps," said Noah, likening the president to a Japanese toilet with "too many settings to figure out."

"Shit's insane," said Noah. "Personally, I'm waiting for the first appearance of reggae Trump." He slipped into his Trump impression, acting as if he's modeling all of the different Trumps, using the words from Trump's tweets about his varied speeches.

"Trump's swings are only surprising if you expect Trump to actually be president. But Donald Trump isn't a president," said Noah. "He's just playing one on TV."

The Daily Show host said Trump focuses a lot on the half of politics that is performance, but then "doesn't get or doesn't care" about the other half, which is governance. "When most politicians perform, it's a means to an end. You get the crowd on your side so that you can govern. Trump only wants to govern so that he can have the crowd on his side. And not believing anything really frees Trump up to act differently depending on the situation. It's acting."

Noah's advice? "Don't think of Donald Trump as America's worst president. Think of him as the Academy Award winner for best actor in a presidency."