Trevor Noah Criticizes Trump's Sheriff Arpaio Pardon

Noah described the controversial Arizona official as a man who is just "anti-being a decent human being."

Trevor Noah did a "profile of tremendousness" on Joe Arpaio, the former sheriff of Maricopa County, Ariz., whom President Trump controversially pardoned Friday.

Noah brought up how Democrats and Republicans alike have condemned the Arpaio pardon, adding that the former sheriff claimed he was anti-illegal immigration but is "really just anti-being a decent human being."

The Daily Show host went through the litany of offenses Arpaio has been accused of, including running a prison like — as he himself described it — a concentration camp, having an alarming number of unexplained prisoners die in his custody and forcing women to give birth while shackled. After costing Arizona taxpayers $142 million in legal fees and settlements, Arpaio was ultimately facing jail time for defying a court order telling him and his officers to stop pulling people over simply because they looked Latino or Latina.

"You know, for a guy who's not racist, Donald Trump sure has a lot of racist friends," said Noah. He called Arpaio "one of the worst sheriffs in America," and said Trump's pardon was dangerous because of the message it sends about the judicial system.

"Remember how the three branches of government are supposed to be equal?" said Noah. "Well, convicting someone of contempt is the one and only way the judicial branch can put muscle behind its decisions. So when the president of the United States steps in and pardons someone's contempt conviction, he's essentially rendering the courts powerless."

Noah suggests that Trump perhaps pardoned Arpaio not only for his loyalty to Trump during the presidential campaign, but also to send a message to Trump's "other cronies" as well.

Trump's potential hidden message according to Noah? “Hey, guys, good news. We get our own set of laws. You don’t need to cooperate with Mueller and the Russian investigation — I’ll just pardon you.”