Trevor Noah Addresses Trump's Condolence Call to Fallen Soldier’s Family

Courtesy of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah

The soldier’s mother and Florida Congresswoman Frederica S. Wilson claimed the president "disrespected" the soldier by saying he “must have known what he signed up for."

Trevor Noah addressed the controversy surrounding President Donald Trump’s phone call to a fallen soldier’s family during his opening monologue on Thursday's Daily Show.

Sgt. La David T. Johnson was one of the four soldiers killed in an attack in Niger on Oct. 4. During Trump’s phone call with Johnson’s widow, Johnson’s mother told The Washington Post that the president “disrespected” her son after overhearing him tell her son’s wife that Johnson “must have known what he signed up for.” Florida Congresswoman Frederica S. Wilson also confirmed Trump to have made the comment.

In a tweet, the President argued the claims, calling the statement “fake news” by Wilson. Trump also argued that he had proof to retort her claim. 

Speaking out against the phone call havoc, The Daily Show host tried to make light of the situation by noting a common habit of the president.

“In Donald Trump’s defense, and I know people don’t like hearing that, but Donald Trump is the worst at words. He was probably trying to convey a heartfelt message, but instead the people interpreted it as him disrespecting the troops. I bet you wherever Colin Kaepernick is right now, he’s probably like, ‘Well ain’t that a bitch,'” Noah quipped about the former quarterback, accused of disrespecting the American flag while kneeling during the national anthem prior to games.

"I don’t think we should be surprised that Trump offended this family," Noah added. "We’ve all heard him speak. We’re offended every day.”

Noah then argued that the president simply “sucks at making these calls.”

“Like what do you think, a phone is going to magically transform him into Sir Phineas the Eloquent? Clearly Donald Trump sucks at making these calls, which is unfortunate because I don’t know who at the White House can makes these calls,” Noah said.

To elaborate, the late-night host began describing why certain White House members would be inadequate to make calls as well.

“Jared Kushner can’t do it because he’s on line one fixing the Middle East. You don’t want Sarah Huckabee Sanders calling because she’ll tell you your son didn’t die. Then 30 other people can’t do it, because they’ve all been fired.”

After suggesting that First Lady Melania could make the call, Noah backtracked, saying he didn’t “trust her” to “not sneak in her own personal agenda.” He then quips, “I wouldn’t be shocked if she was like, ‘I’m so jealous for the loss of your husband.” 

Although Noah said that Trump shouldn’t “be faulted for not being articulate,” the late-night host explained that the president “can be blamed for making an unnecessary problem worse.” Noah believes that the president could’ve expressed a different reaction, other than the one he conveyed during a press conference in which he repeatedly told the press he “did not say it” with his arms crossed.

“When people accused him of being insensitive he could have just said, 'I apologize. It wasn't my intention to offend anyone,'" Noah said before impersonating the president’s denial using a child’s voice and mimicking his crossed arms.

"You know what, Donald. We didn't want you either, okay?" Noah argued. "You were an accident. There was a hole in the electoral system, and we're just trying to make this work, Donald."  

After explaining that every press conference shifts focus into another Trump scandal, Noah suggested a solution to those working for the president: ”If you’re working for Trump stock up on some adult diapers.”