Trevor Noah's Bernie Sanders Impression, Jennifer Lopez Crush and His Most Surprising Interview

The Emmy-winning host of 'The Daily Show' does a Bernie Sanders impression and reveals his childhood crush in his hilarious cover shoot video.

It was a case of the missing microphone tape on Trevor Noah's Hollywood Reporter cover shoot, where the comedian joked he "had to hold the microphone forever" in a mysterious moment of missing tape.

The Emmy-winner also shared his first childhood crush (Jennifer Lopez) and his thoughts on 2020 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. "He's one of the most consistent human beings you'll ever come across," Noah said of the senator. "What I like about him is that he doesn't pander, so it doesn't matter if he's talking to constituents or children."

Noah also shared his most surprising interview, Michael Hayden. "I thought he was going to say, 'No comment,' to every question, but he told me what it was like to run the CIA," The Daily Show host said. "It was one of the most enlightening conversations I've had with a person, and I genuinely was surprised by it."

Watch Noah's second interview with Hayden below.