Trey Parker, Matt Stone Mock Trump's Election Loss in Deepfake Web Series

Sassy Justice Web Series - H 2020 - 1607784926
Sassy Justice/YouTube

'Sassy Justice,' a deepfake web series created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

'Sassy Justice' was created by the duo and stars Peter Serafinowicz. 

South Park may be on hiatus, but that is not stopping Trey Parker and Matt Stone from getting a few shots in at Donald Trump's election loss.

In the latest installment of the duo's new web series, Sassy Justice, a deepfake (video technology where someone is replaced with another's likeness) of Trump sadly reads a version of "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" reflecting both his election defeat and subsequent failure in trying to subvert the outcome.

Nearly four-minutes long, the video features a faux Trump in an ugly Christmas sweater and silly hat bemoaning (and raging at) the tale of the star reindeer's "rigged" election.

Sassy Justice stars Peter Serafinowicz with Trump's likeness overlaid upon his. The first episode was posted to YouTube back in October.

As for South Park, due to the pandemic, there was only a single hourlong special this year, aptly titled the "Pandemic Special". Trump was also skewered in that episode.

Watch the Sassy Justice installment below.