Tribeca 2012: Alison Brie Dishes on Her Amazing Elmo Impression and Drops a 'Community' Spoiler (Video)

The multi-talented rising star spoke to THR about her spot-on accents and other projects at the Tribeca premiere of "The Five-Year Engagement."

With every project, Alison Brie reveals new facets of the talent that is quickly making her one of the fastest rising stars in Hollywood. 

On television, Brie is the naive and neurotic college student Annie in NBC's Community. On AMC's Mad Men, she plays prim and proper Trudy, wife to Pete Campbell. Now she has a meaty role in the new Nicholas Stoller-directed comedy, The Five-Year Engagement, in which she plays Emily Blunt's sister. And because Blunt got to keep her British accent, it meant that Brie had to learn to speak with a believable English lilt. But she didn't just have to master English inflections -- she also had to get a grasp on the monstrously cute voice of Sesame Street's Elmo for a scene with her on-screen daughter.

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"The truth is for all the work that I put into this British accent, Nick Stoller has confirmed that the Elmo voice got me this job," she told The Hollywood Reporter at the premiere in New York City last night. "I'd quickly watched a couple of YouTube videos about Elmo just to prep, and after the table read, Nick runs up and he was just like, 'Gosh, have you always been able to do that Elmo voice?! How about that Elmo voice!'... It's like a new special skill I didn't know I have."

As for Community, Brie hinted at some of the big storylines to come as the delayed third season draws to a close.

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"The episode tonight, it's almost entirely Annie and Abed in the Dreamatorium, so things get a little freaky," she teased. "Just a lot of big stuff -- a lot of epic stuff for the year. There was the big Troy and Abed pillow fort-blanket fort battle that happened, and there are sort of more unifying things for the group where they have to battle... Chang, maybe?"

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