Tribeca: Billy Crudup Will Make You a Technophobe in First 'Glass Chin' Clip

Noah Buschel's fifth feature subverts the "Rocky" boxing drama with the help of "House of Cards" star Corey Stoll.

What if Rocky Balboa never landed that fight with Apollo Creed? What if he became more and more entangled with the muscling tactics of loan shark Anthony Gazzo? The alternate history might look something like Glass Chin, the fifth film from writer-director Noah Buschel (The Missing Person, Sparrows Dance).

Premiering at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival, Glass Chin follows Bud "The Saint" Gordon (House of Cards' Corey Stoll), a fallen boxing star trounced from a life of fame and fortune after a grisly injury. Wasting away his days as a trainer, Bud finds a glimmer of hope in J.J. (Billy Crudup), a wealthy restaurateur who promises to restore his former glory. But J.J.'s methodology isn't exactly "legal," and Bud quickly finds himself deciding between integrity and success. 

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In this exclusive clip from the film, Bud sits down with the slick J.J. for a meeting, only to reveal himself as heartbreakingly archaic. He carries a Walkman, while J.J.'s entire life exists in "the iCloud." Buschel's hyperclean style turns the dinnertime chit chat into one of the creepier scenes Crudup has ever played. If this is what Spotify users are destined to become, maybe we should collectively reconsider cassette tapes.

Glass Chin premieres at Tribeca on Saturday, April 19.