Tribeca: John Slattery's Film Debuts Bleak, Snowy Poster (Exclusive Photo)

BlueBird One Sheet - P 2013
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BlueBird One Sheet - P 2013

One of the top features at this year's Tribeca Film Festival, the debut feature of writer/director Lance Edmands also stars Amy Morton, Margo Martindale and Adam Driver.

Days away from his film's big premiere, Lance Edmands has debuted the poster for his freshman feature Bluebird.

The highly anticipated Tribeca Film Festival entry marks the NYU grad's ascension to the big stage in his adopted hometown, where he offers a look into the bleak remnants of the rural world he left behind. Bluebird, set in the dismal white-out of winter in the north of Maine, is a multi-story drama that ties together family tragedy and workmanlike perseverance.

The movie stars John Slattery as a lumber worker who is on the verge of losing his job at the shuttering mill that represents the last vestiges of a region's once-proud industry. His wife, played by Broadway vet Amy Morton, is a school bus driver who commits an innocent yet potentially lethal mistake, rocking the world of their teenage daughter (Emily Meade) and another family, led by Margo Martindale and Louisa Krause.

Girls favorite Adam Driver co-stars in the film as (what else?) an enigmatic sexual distraction for a troubled young woman.