Tribeca Film Festival Teams With iHeartRadio for Podcast About 'Fierce' Women (Exclusive)

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The eight-episode podcast, which launches at the annual New York event, will reclaim the stories of badass women that history has forgotten.

The Tribeca Film Festival is entering the podcast space with a project highlighting Fierce women throughout history.

Tribeca and iHeartRadio are partnering to co-produce Fierce, which aims to reclaim the stories of badass women that history has forgotten. The eight-episode podcast will be hosted by award-winning journalist and bestselling author Jo Piazza, and will launch with a live preview event during the annual New York City-set Tribeca Film Festival on May 3.

Fierce will tell the little-known stories of incredible adventurers and women of influence. The narratives are described as stories that "everyone should know about the women left out of our history books."

The Fierce live show, which will take place at 1 p.m. at the SVA Theater in Chelsea, will focus on the story of the late groundbreaking food writer Clementine Paddleford. Piazza will be joined by Bloomberg food editor Kate Krader, who is carrying on Paddleford's culinary discoveries.

Each episode will trace the lineage from the past to today by weaving in the experiences of modern female counterparts. Transgender activist Sarah McBride and director Sonejuhi Sinha are also among the guests for future episodes.

Piazza has carved out a niche in both fiction and non-fiction in telling stories about strong and brave women who defy stereotypes. Her latest novel, Charlotte Walsh Likes to Win, is currently being adapted as a limited series for Amazon, with talks for Julia Roberts to star and executive produce.

"The stories we tell matter. It also matters who tells our stories. That's why we've assembled such a badass team of women to produce and create this podcast," Piazza told The Hollywood Reporter in a statement. "For most of human history, men have been doing the writing. There's a reason we don't know the names and stories of some of the incredible women who have completely changed our world. Every woman we feature on Fierce should be a household name. They deserve to be celebrated and talked about, and have their legacies recognized by all of us who are standing on their formidable shoulders."

The partnership is the latest move by iHeart to expand its original podcast business. The radio broadcaster recently acquired Stuff Media, the company behind the podcasts Stuff You Should Know and Atlanta Monster, and has been in the podcasting business through its iHeartRadio app where it now offers more than 20,000 shows.

Fierce launches in summer 2019 from Tribeca Enterprises and iHeartRadio. 

The 2019 Tribeca Film Festival is currently running through May 5. Head here for all of THR's coverage.