Tribeca: Inside the Festival's Incredibly Busy Offices (Video)

Genna Terranova gives THR the grand tour, revealing every nook and cranny (even the kitchen!) is crammed with staffers working furiously as the fest gears up.

Just how busy is the staff behind this year's Tribeca Film Festival?

Tribeca director of programming Genna Terranova recently took The Hollywood Reporter on a tour of its New York offices – where even the kitchen was being used as a work space.

"There's a lot of bodies doing a lot of different things, and that's generally what happens as we get closer to the festival every year," Terranova said.

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During THR's visit, Terranova shared some of the innovations the festival has adopted this year, including allowing indie film aficionados who can't make it to New York to stream four festival entries online for free.  People have also been invited to create six-second videos via Vine.

See a racy example of one of the Vine projects above, and also learn what hackers have to do with the future of film and why a pair of ladies' drawer's ended up in the Tribeca kitchen.

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