Tribeca: 'Every Secret Thing' Star Diane Lane Impressed by Amy Berg's Scripted Debut

Diane Lane Tribeca - P 2014
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Diane Lane Tribeca - P 2014

The Oscar-nominated documentary filmmaker, reportedly working with Bryan Singer accuser Michael Egan III on a new film, declined to speak to the press, while co-star Danielle Macdonald revealed why she didn't read the book on which the movie is based before filming.

When she stepped onto the red carpet at the Tribeca Film Festival, Every Secret Thing director Amy Berg was already in the spotlight for reportedly working with Bryan Singer accuser Michael Egan III on a documentary about sex abuse in Hollywood.

But Berg refused to answer questions about that or even her film premiering Sunday night, declining to speak to reporters ahead of the screening.

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Star Diane Lane told The Hollywood Reporter that she was impressed by the choices the Oscar-nominated documentary filmmaker made in post-production on her scripted-feature directorial debut.

"Watching her skill set really in the post-production was really incredible because this is the type of story that you could tell seven different ways and have seven different movies depending on how you edited it, because the timing of the release of the information within the storytelling affects your experience of the movie," Lane said. "So I was very delighted with how it turned out, and I credit Amy with that a lot."

The film was adapted by Nicole Holofcener from the book of the same name, but co-star Danielle Macdonald, who plays Lane's character's daughter, said she opted not to read the book prior to filming because of differences in the movie version.

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"I hadn't read the book when I first auditioned, and I actually spoke to Amy about this, whether I should read the book before or after, and she actually told me to read the book afterward because it's different in some ways," Macdonald said. "They had to change some of the characters and things like that and she didn't want me to get confused by that, so I actually ended up reading the book as soon as we finished filming, and I loved it."

But Macdonald said her character is true to the one in the book. She even spent extra time with Lane prior to filming so that they could work on establishing a mother-daughter bond, which she said proved particularly helpful.

"I felt so comfortable around her on set and I really actually saw her as a mother-type figure, so it was amazing getting to do that," Macdonald said. "I was so comfortable with her and we shot all of the mother-daughter scenes first. I think it actually really helped me get comfortable with the entire set, crew and everything."

Lane also plays a mom in the upcoming Batman-Superman film, reprising her Man of Steel role as Martha Kent. The actress told THR that she had just came back from Detroit, where they're doing camera tests for the highly anticipated sequel. She said that she filmed a few shots of her feeling the Superman costume and joked that she hadn't had the chance to do the same with the Batman costume.