Trio leaves WME to start Verve

Clients include Michael Arndt, Joseph Kosinski

Motion picture lit agents Bryan Besser, Adam Levine and Bill Weinstein have left WME Entertainment to start Verve Talent and Literary Agency.

Following the trio to the new agency's Culver City digs are "Tron Legacy" director Joseph Kosinski, "Little Miss Sunshine" and "Toy Story 3" screenwriter Michael Arndt, and Aaron Guzikowski, the writer behind one of last year's hottest specs, "Prisoners," now set up at Alcon with Antoine Fuqua directing. Other clients are still in transition mode.

Besser, Levine and Weinstein rose up the ranks together in Endeavor over the course of more than a decade. They made the move in order to have more freedom in repping their clients, wanting to "shift the emphasis from an agency-first culture to artist-first representation," according to the partners.
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