Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Reveals He Held Fake Trump TV Auditions

Courtesy of Hulu

Conservative newscasters go through a ridiculous audition process as they try to get a job on the network the president-elect was rumored to be planning.

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog pulled a fast one on the media and potential newscasters during the election by putting out a fake Trump TV casting call. Numerous outlets, including Fox News, picked up the ad for an "up-and-coming conservative media network," but in his Election Watch 2016: The Finale Hulu special that started streaming on Saturday, Triumph revealed that his show put out the notice.

The special aired a look at the fake audition process, which had aspiring newscasters read a slew of absurd statements in the hopes of getting a job on a new, conservative network implied to be Trump TV.

As one interviewee took a seat behind the news desk, Triumph mentioned that "Roger" is watching the auditions as well, prompting the newscaster to say "Mr. Ailes?"

The interviewees read stories like one about transgender people being forced to wear a bell while out in public, "until all of us are fully adjusted," one about a commanding officer in the military supervising the ever-so-dangerous "gay sex" and a third about Amy Adams and syphilis.

Trump's name was continually mentioned and the stories started getting more extreme. "Don't talk about vaginas unless one is pulsating right in front of your face," is a line that was repeated more than once in the episode.

At the end of the clip, one of the aspiring actors was asked to read a variety of comments about Donald Trump having "the biggest penis in the world," so large that tourists mistook it for a bald man.

"He's reading it. He's really reading it," said Triumph.