Triumph The Insult Dog Snubbed, Demands Golden Collar Awards Write-In (Video)

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Triumph The Insult Dog

After Martin Scorsese snagged a nom for his "Hugo" star, Conan O'Brien's insulting dog demands a nod, Meanwhile, rumors of a tie in one category surface.

Late barking news in the run up to the Dog News Daily Golden Collar Awards, taking place on Monday, Feb 13.  Another dog is whining about not being nominated. First it was Martin Scorsese speaking for his Hugo dog, Blackie’s inclusion in the prestigious fledgling Oscars for dogs.

Now Triumph the Insult Dog is voicing his desire for a nod. "My work on the Conan O‘Brien Show has been overlooked,” complains Triumph. “It’s a travesty.... These awards have clearly been fixed!”

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He proceeds to make dog meat out of the other nominees, including Jason Gann who plays Wilfred on Wilfred. “This isn’t even a real dog! He’s a grown man with a sad fetish," snarls Triumph, as he chews on his cigar. As for the big black dog on Entourage, Triumph admits that the dog is a much better actor than Adrien Grenier.

Triumph warns the GC folks, “If you are willing to bend your rules for the likes for Hugo and not for me... I demand to be added to the list of nominees so that I can stand on that stage, look out at that audience of 4-7 people and proudly declare that the Golden Collar award is  truly an incredible honor…. For me to POOP ON!"

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He asks fans to go to the Dog News Daily Facebook Page and post a comment (No Justice, No Poop!) nominating him for a write-in. 

For those of you unfamiliar with Triumph's work, he's been a regular awards show annoyance, having appeared on Spike TV's Guy's Choice Awards, the MTV Movie Awards, and Comedy Central's Night of Too Many Stars. His hilariously rude antics got him banned from the Westminster Dog Show, booted off the auditon line for American Idol and removed from the 2004 Democratic Convention.

He's insulted the likes of Jon Bon Jovi, Moby and Eminem, who was famously not amused and even wrote a song about their encounter called "A-- Like That." All in all, this dog could seriously liven up the Golden Collar Awards. And knowing his raison d'etre, he may just show up even if he's not nominated. That's just the kind of insult dog he is.

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In other developments, there are low rumblings about  a tie in one category in the  Golden Awards. All the ballots from the respected entertainment  community judges were returned and counted yesterday.

But The Hollywood Reporter’s inside sources tell us exclusively that there are two winners in one very popular category. Our source cannot reveal more at this point. But they do note that this has never happened before in the history of the Golden Collar Awards. 

Um, this is the first annual Oscars for dogs, right? OK, never mind. 

Stay tuned to for more Golden Collar Awards updates this weekend. Forget those silly Grammys on Sunday night. The real excitement will be the dog fight on the red carpet at GCAs on Monday, Feb. 13. The carpet and the awards will stream live on from the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza ballroom.

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