'Tron Legacy' clips to be shown at 3D confab

3D Experience also will screen clip from musical 'Tangled'

The 3D Experience entertainment and technology festival said Monday that extended clips from Disney's upcoming sci-fi sequel "Tron Legacy" and family musical "Tangled" will be shown Friday during the New York confab.

The 3D footage will be included as part of the Executive Forum events, set to take place at the AMC Theatres Empire 25. Also on Friday, the confab will feature the premiere of the Polish World War II documentary short "City of Ruins" at the same Times Square megaplex.

The 3D Experience also will feature activities for the public, including a full screenings program of 3D pics from Imax , National Geographic and others, and a 3D consumer-products showroom at the Discovery Times Square Exposition. Other offerings include an executive reception at the midtown Nasdaq MarketSite and a 3D TV "Test Drive" event Saturday comparing 3D TVs and other products at the Nasdaq site.

Managing director Nino Balistreri predicted that the movies to be screened at the 3D Experience "will further cement the prediction that 3D is here to stay."