'Tron: Legacy' Draws $23 Mil Overseas, Hits No. 1 in Europe, Latin America and Australia

Tron - Jeff Bridges


Tron - Jeff Bridges

Worldwide, Disney sequel nabs $66 million, bests 2009 blockbuster 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen' in Japan.

Tron: Legacy, Disney's expensive 3D sequel to 1982's more modestly budgeted Tron, drew $23 million in its foreign theatrical launch from 3,832 overseas venues -- for an average of more than $6,000 per screen -- in only 26 territories. Opening day-and-date with its domestic bow, Legacy -- with Jeff Bridges repeating his Tron role as a video game designer sucked into cyberspace -- grabbed the No. 1 slot in every market it played in Europe, Latin American and Australia, grossing from 30% to 70% ahead of the No. 2 title in each market, said Disney.

About 70% of the overall gross came from 3D and IMAX venues. Disney said 65% of the opening gross came from five markets: Japan, Australia, U.K., Brazil and Spain. Best market was Japan where Legacy bagged $4.7 million from 350 locations, tracking 65% ahead of the market opening of 2009's Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, which grossed a total of $436 million on the foreign circuit. Battling virtually paralyzing winter weather in the market, Legacy managed to land $3.2 million in the U.K. from 525 venues. In Australia, the opening take was $3.4 million from 325 sites while Brazil contributed $1.9 million from 440 situations. Spain provided another $1.9 million from an unspecified number of screens. Worldwide, the Legacy opening generated a total of $66 million.

Directed by first-time feature director Joseph Kosinski, Legacy reportedly cost some $170 million to produce in addition to hefty worldwide marketing costs. The original Tron directed by Steven Lisberger reportedly cost about $17 million to make, and grossed $33 million domestically. Disney did not have a record of its foreign box office tally.

Meanwhile, DreamWorks Animation's Megamind, which via Paramount premiered in 18 markets over the weekend, generated $15 million overall from 4,725 venues in 50 territories, hiking its foreign gross total to $87 million. The comedy-fantasy animation in 3D opened in the No. 1 market spot in Mexico ($2.7 million from 502 locations), No. 6 in snow-bound France ($2.2 million from 711 spots) and No. 5 in Italy ($1.5 million from some 300 sites).

Disney Animation's Tangled, the 3D animation retelling of the classic Rapunzel tale, grossed $14 million in its fourth round overseas in 17 territories. Offshore cume stands at $97.8 million while the worldwide gross total weighs in at $225.6 million.

DreamWorks Shrek Forever After in 3D, also handled by Paramount, zipped past the half million total gross mark in overseas box office ($501 million) thanks to a No. 8 opening in Japan with $1.2 million drawn from 256 locations.