Tron Passes $50 Million Mark on Imax Screens Worldwide

Walt Disney pic generates $1.2 million and a $49,000 per-screen average on 24 Imax screens in China in opening week.

TORONTO – Walt Disney’s Tron Legacy 3D has passed the $50 million box office mark on Imax screens, with the giant screen exhibitor reporting the tentpole pic has generated $34.7 million domestically since opening on Dec. 17.

Having grossed around $51.4 million worldwide in Imax theatres to date, the movie has also opened on 24 giant screen locations in China, generating around $1.2 million and a per-screen average of 49,000 in that Asian market in its opening week.

Tron Legacy 3D awaits openings in several international markets, including Germany and Austria, and an exclusive Imax-only five-day run in France ahead of a nationwide release.

The film's total box office in all theatres and formats worldwide has reached $328.8 million.