Exclusive: Tron Pop-Up Shop Sneak Peek

© Disney

With everything from Tron: Legacy snowboards to jewelry and clothing, Disney is unveiling a special pop-up store at an art gallery-café in Culver City.

Tron scoop: Disney is set to debut a one-of-a-kind pop-up shop on Nov. 19th in Culver City.

The store will roll out more than 150 Tron-inspired items over the course of six weeks as a lead-up to the release of the sequel Tron: Legacy.  The shop’s location: Royal-T Café (8910 Washington Boulevard, 310-559-6300, royal-t.org), an art gallery-café that’s not far from where the scenes set inside the original movie’s Flynn’s Arcade were filmed.

Among the items for sale -- some exclusive to the store -- are luxury jewelry (such as the Tron Icon Necklace, by Rotenier, $2,600) and fashion items (including the Clu Hobo Bag, by Hayden-Harnett, $478, and the Qorra Couture Platform Sandal, by Jerome C. Rousseau, $795).

Disney designed the space to recreate a digital environment depicted in the movie called The Safe House, and the café will serve a menu with such items as “Lightcycle” salads and “Identity Disk” cakes.

So why did a behemoth like Disney choose a gallery space in Culver’s up-and-coming arts district as the location? Says owner of Royal-T Susan Hancock (who has previously hosted Hello Kitty and Barbie pop-ups and currently has a shop dedicated to cult phenom Emily the Strange): “Disney looked at us for our hipster crowd and the fact that we have an urban edge. It’s about reaching the influencers.”